September Events

September 2014 (Date TBD)

Stonewall Farm Steward Dinner & Annual Meeting

An annual tradition to thank all of our Stonewall Farm members for their financial and other support, we cook up a farm fresh dinner featuring our produce and meat as well as other local ingredients! We also feature an annual review of past farm accomplishments and events.

All thre more reason to become a Stonewall Farm member! 


Sunday September 21st, 2014

4th Annual Farm Games


Come to the 4th Annual Farm Games to test your strength and skill in an attempt to win the coveted Cow Trophy!
Play as an individual or team of six. Highest team score wins the Cow Trophy. The team will keep the trophy for one year, when they can defend their title the following year. Individual high scores will win gift certificates to the Farm Store. 
Entry Fees: Early Registration            Day of Event
Individual:           $4.00                            $5.00
Team:               $20.00                          $25.00
Games will include:
Apple Atlatl, Sheaf Toss, Manure Toss, Hay Bale Stacking, Two Person Saw, Obstacle Course, Wagon Wheel Race, Baleage Race, and more!
Ice cream will be available at $2.00 for Kiddie sizes and at $3.00 for Adult sizes. 
We look forward to seeing you all there!


Individual Events (11:00 am)

Manure toss
Apple atlatl (yes, it’s spelled atlatl, look it up.)
Hay bale stacking
Sheaf toss


Pairs Competition (12 noon)
Potato sack race
Relay Race
Heavy Sack Toss


Team Sports (1:00 pm)
Relay race
Tug of War


Individual Events (Heat #2) at 2:00pm


We'll also have horseshoes to play, lots of Stonewall Food on the grill, and horse-drawn hayrides ($3 adults, $1 kids).


Register at the door or by phone at 603-357-7278.

603-357-7278  242 Chesterfield Rd  /  Keene, NH 03431